giovedì 19 gennaio 2012

Wakan Chanunpa, Lakota words for sacred pipe,

often incorrectly referred to as the "peace pipe"

cha means "wood" or "tree" and nunpa means "two"...

Anpo wie, Lakota for the morning star.

Anpo means "morning " or " dawn" and wie means "sun" or "star"...

Grandfather, Tunkashila, the male aspect of the Creator

personified by wisdom, the sky , light , ect. Tunkashila...

Maka, Lakota word for the Earth, land or ground...

Unci, Lakota word for our Mother...

Unci Maka Lakota word for our Mother Earth...

Mitakuye Oyas'in, Lakota translated as, All My Relations,

phrase is frequently uttered during ritual andis to

remind people of their personal relatedness to everything

that exists. It is spoken upon entering the stone people lodge, sweat lodge,

at the end of a re personal prayer, when it is time to

open the stone people lodge door, just after one has smoked the Wakan Chnunpa,' sacred pipe',

and so forth. It is often spoken at the end of ant writing or talking of sacred ways or manners.

The Tree Of Knowledge, In the Earth People philosophy,

all the knowledge that goes to from nature.

Grandmother is the knowledge. That which we discover via science.

One aspect of the tree of life.

This I share with you my relatives that it may bring some understanding.


this from Wanbli Nagi

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